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  • 11BF4 Match Prep BKvs7CAV
  • 12IMF Day - World at WarBF4 Match Prep BKvs7CAVBK vs 7Cal in BF4BLACKOPS - SHOTGUNS ONLY
  • 13WaW Bootcamp
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  • 15IMF Day - World at War
  • 16WaW Special Event: Bolts n Shotties
  • 17IMF Day - World at War
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  • 19IMF Day - World at WarBF4 match prep BKvsTHTBK vs THT BF4
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  • 22IMF Day - World at War
  • 23BF4 Boot Camp
  • 24IMF Day - World at WarCL meetingCL meeting
  • 25BF4 Match Prep BKvs7CAV
  • 26IMF Day - World at WarBF4 Match Prep BKvs7CAVBK vs 7Cal in BF4
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  • 29IMF Day - World at War
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  • 31IMF Day - World at War
  • 1W@W Shotgun Friday
  • 2World at War Server Raid
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