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General Rules

Swearing, Racism, and Disrespectful comments
We have a ZERO tolerance policy for racism on our game server, Teamspeak server and website. You will be kicked after two warning for swearing when the swearing is not directed toward a member, server, or team. Swearing and disrespectful comments towards any player will result in a kick/ban with the length differing depending on the severity. Racism is a permanent ban.
We also consider drug references and talk of drug use legal or illegal unacceptable

Be respectful
Be respectful to everyone you meet in ANY server or website. You never know when you maybe playing with your CO, in disguise.
We do not accept discussions about drugs, alcohol, politics and sex among other subjects, if you are asked to stop discussing a subject please do.
Do not use voice emulators or play music over TS.
Members and guests are to use push to talk on our TS server. We welcome all guests, although they are only allowed in the welcome or away channel unacompanied by a BK member. This is to prevent non-members from using our TS for their own use.
All *BK* members are required to be on TS while playing in *BK* servers. Exception are granted through BK staff, with an explanation
Do not send messages using all capital letters this is considered a way of shouting in forums etc. (please also note that alot of people use the caps lock button as a push to talk key and may accidently send messages using capitals. if you do send a message/make a post and have left your caps lock on please apoligise)

Always display Full rank and clan tag,*BK*/*bk* in-server and in Teamspeak. EXAMPLE: GOA.Johnny*BK* or Recruit*bk*. When the * are not avalible to be used in you game name a - will be used example -BK-, we also will accept the use of numbers to replace certain letters for example a 3 to replace a e or a 0 to replace a o. Exceptions to rule: Officers will be exemptemt from this rule for the purpose of observing, & authorized recon missions etc.

Never cheat, glitch, crack or engage in cheat, glitch, crack related chat. Anyone BK member trainee or full suspecting player of cheating you should contact an admin as soon as possible and also when have sufficent eviedence the back up thier claimtheir CO immediately or a member of the senior officer staff. Accusations of cheating should always be accompanied by evidence, documents if possible.

No matter where you play, always act within the *BK* rules and code of conduct, as well as the severs rules (if you don`t know them, ask).

You must be registered with the *BK* website (, ( or ( and its accompanying forums with the same name as your in game name.

All *BK* members are expected to follow the chain of command - i.e. a minor issue should not be brought to the direct attention of a senior officer - it should instead go to the member`s chalk leader or C.O. Only serious issues need be taken directly to a member of Senior Staff. If the problem continues, then a jump is tolerated.

Additional Rules for Ingame

No Bunny Hopping!
This rule is to help promote server realism. Bunny hopping to avoid fire represents one thing you can do in a video game that you would not do under normal circumstances in wartime. You would not REPEATEDLY jump when under fire or around a blind corner.

Team kills
As you already know friendly fire is enabled on our server. Once you team kill two people you are forced to sit out for 30 seconds as a penalty. You don`t have to apologize for the team kill but we would like you to. Name calling because you where team killed WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

-Camping is allowed on our server. -We allow ALL weapons and perks on our servers unless specified

Server Specific Rules If the server name or in game messages state a rule this rule is to be abided by for example a server with Crouch in the name means that you must be crouch to move unless under direct fire in which case you can run to the nearest cover. You are not allowed to run from cover to cover under the presumption of been shot at.